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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they really vegan?

100% Yes! Plantside is a vegan family owned company. Anna developed the recipe over 7 weeks during the first covid lockdown. Originally intended to be served with roasts in our vegan café but they are so popular we closed the café to concentrate on bringing vegan Yorkies to the whole nation and beyond.

Is there a gluten free version?

We do make a version using gluten free ingredients but as they are currently produced in the same kitchen as the regular ones they are not certified gluten free or suitable for coeliacs. We hope certification will be achieved as the company grows.

Can I buy them direct from Plantside?

As our Yorkies are frozen straight after manufacturing it isn’t economically viable to send individual packs to customers as the packaging and delivery costs to ensure they arrive in perfect condition are too high. Please contact us if you are having trouble finding our products and we will let you know the most convenient place to find them.

How long do they last?

Our products will keep for at least 6 months after manufacture. Pop a pack a pack or 3 in the freezer to have on hand whenever the mood takes you – check out our ‘serving suggestions’ for some out outrageously delicious ideas you may not have thought of before.

How do you get the hole?

Now that would be telling!

Can I have the recipe?

If we told you we may have to kill you and we don’t want to kill anything because we’re vegan.

We want to see independent vegan businesses thrive, how can we support you?

Buy our delicious puds and share them on social media. We would love to make it into national retail chains, this will only happen if they think there is a high enough demand for them. We would be very grateful if you can spare the time to email customer service departments requesting that they stock us.